Hello, I’m an independent graphic designer, typographer and web designer. I specialize in publishing design & print media, branding, web design, package design.

Selected works

The Raven—Grimm's fairy tale

Website designed to show Grimm’s fairy tale, inspired from book „Household stories” with pictures done by Walter Crane, London: George Bell 1882.

The Raven


I'm the founder of the design studio Batak Studio and member of the Polish Association of Graphic Designers (STGU). I also cooperate with Therāvada Polska Foundation promoting Buddhist teachings in Poland and other independent designers, design studios and advertising agencies. I have 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and professional educational background (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Graphic Design).


I am available for long-term or short-term projects.
If you interested in a different project, also contact me.
[email protected]
+48 518 116 340